Monday, 11 April 2011

I Hope The Tories Are Proud

He really is a bit rubbish isn't he? Not content with calling us the junior partner during WWII or telling Pakistan that the "UK is responsible for many of the world’s historic problems", then complaining that journalists reported it, he leaps feet first into another row:
Oxford University has demanded that No 10 issues a correction after David Cameron quoted "highly misleading" figures in an attack on the institution's admissions policies.
Mr Cameron described the university as ''disgraceful'' over statistics indicating that only one black British undergraduate won a place in 2009.

But Oxford University immediately hit back at Mr Cameron for quoting what it dismissed as "incorrect" figures.

The spokeswoman said: "The figure quoted by the Prime Minister is incorrect and highly misleading – it only refers to UK undergraduates of black Caribbean origin for a single year of entry, when in fact that year Oxford admitted 41 UK undergraduates with black backgrounds.
The Prime Minster is 'incorrect and highly misleading'. That'll be another cast iron promise then. What did we ever do to deserve this man? He's not even been PM for a year yet.


  1. And what is he implying? That people should be allowed to go to Oxford because of their colour, regardless of how thick they are? I wonder how he managed to get there.

  2. Precisely JiC, good point - like it.

  3. Couldn't have had anything to do with Dady's influence, could it?