Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I made my feelings on the upcoming AV referendum clear before on this blog, I take no interest in it, and my experience so far is that the vast majority of people don't give a toss either - only those cosseted away in the coalition.

It does amuse me though the lack of intellectual discussion scaremongering being employed, take this latest video against AV featuring the fictional MP Alan B'stard:

It's key points? AV means apparently:
  • Politicians don't keep their promises

  • An excuse to blame the other lot

  • Say unpopular measures are in the national interest

  • Not ever saying sorry

  • ...the great thing about a fudged coalition is...
And the difference with FPTP is? Truly desperate stuff.


  1. the YES arguments are even more pathetic and not credible. It might be our only chance ever to change things, your Mp will have to work harder to get your vote. Bollocks!

  2. Exactly if AV was really a revolution on how we vote the main parties wouldn't have put it forward as an option - which is precisely what they didn't do with PR etc

  3. Agreed, and as a matter of fact, AV is better than FPTP in many ways, and that's the choice we were given.