Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bright Idea?

This is the front page of Conservative Home this morning:

Next to another pointless Tory "we must stand up to Europe" article is a link to a site promoting; "Innovation and improvement in Local Government" which will among other things "discuss the Coalition's government programme for decentralisation".

This link is accompanied by a diagram showing light bulbs presumably to demonstrate 'bright ideas', however they look suspiciously like the traditional incandescent lightbulbs which are banned by....the EU.

The irony appears to be lost on them.


  1. btw... Incandescent bulbs are still widely sold over here in Ireland - seems they either never got round to banning them or just ignored that particular dictat

  2. Interesting Daniel1979 - sounds like we're suffering from that old favourite of the UK 'Gold-Plating' of EU legislation.

    Not me though, I'm still selling the old light bulbs rather happily. My very own two-fingers up at the UK and the EU.