Thursday 28 April 2011

The Next President Of The EU?

As we know the democratic legitimacy of the current President of the European Council has often been called into question, however Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff has put forward proposals that mark the 'first step towards a directly elected EU President'. In the spirit of that, and for some fun for the bank holiday weekend, I thought I would conduct a poll from the following possible Presidential candidates on who's most suitable to take the EU forward (when Rompuy's time is up) into an age of openness and democracy:
  • Ryan Giggs: Known as the 'Welsh Wizard', Giggs is blessed with a rare footballing talent. A football veteran, one of the greatest Premiership players ever and a legend not only with Manchester United fans but with football fans in general. A player who has devoted his life to the game rather than the lifestyle he could get from it - a happily married man. Giggs has all the abilities of hard work and devotion to make the changes needed to give the EU a more respectable image.

  • Hugh Bonneville: A fine English actor, who is currently starring in the exceptional and popular ITV drama Downtown Abbey. Hugh plays the wealthy Robert, Earl of Grantham who not only is devoted to preserving the status quo in early 20th Century Britain but is a devoted family man. A proper English gent who would fit right in with the EU elite but will do what's best for Britain.

  • David Threlfall: An English actor who plays drunk 'Shakespeare quoting' intellectual Frank Gallagher in Channel Four's Shameless. Great for winding up those unelected EU officials.

  • Jeremy Clarkson: The thinking man's loudmouth. Opinionated, right wing and anti-EU. Clarkson will do to the Berlaymont what he does to caravans - my perfect candidate.
Please vote in the right hand column.


  1. Someone should issue an injunction about that list ;o)

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