Friday 22 April 2011

Warning, It's Dangerous Outside

There's me, in the garden taking in the sun, a can of nice cold beer yet I learn that the Government wants to ruin my fun:
A smog warning has been issued for the Easter weekend amid fears that a combination of hot weather and pollution could cause health and breathing problems.
Apparently in certain parts of London the smog levels have exceeded acceptable levels under EU laws.

Well it's nice to know something breaks EU laws. Cameron take note.


  1. If it's not smog, it's the river breaking its banks. London.

  2. i'm in the garden too. loving the smog, it that's what it's called. It's lovely and clear and fresh and smells of flowers. Am I in the parallel world or are the socialists/earth-huggers? I think it's them. Lovely to be outside after so much cold, wintry weather. Lovely to see so many colours produced with so little effort by me. Lovely to smell so much delicious scent from nature.