Monday, 5 September 2011

Apparently Punching Women In The Face Is Funny

In truth I've never taken much interest in the goings on of either the English Defence League or the United Against Fascists. The Anger of a Quiet Man, though, does a fine job in highlighting the unfair treatment dished out by the media and by the Police against the EDL - a position I sympathise with as a member of another stigmatised group.

And so it's via TAOAQM's blog that I spot this video of so-called anti-fascists celebrating and laughing about a woman being kicked and punched.

Whatever one's political views, those in the video are a disgrace. But I'll bet it'll be ignored by those self-righteous on the left. Scum.


  1. Yes the behaviour displayed on this video is a disgrace. yes the UAF are scum; worse than those whom they purport to be resisting. And isn't Mr Cameron a member of UAF? That's an outrage too; our PM being a member of such a fascist bunch of thugs.
    And the police's behaviour towards the EDL is literally disgusting.

  2. Indeed JiC Cameron was a founding signatory, as were many others

  3. I have no connection to the EDL but I have seen the UAF in action and it wasn't a pleasant sight. Do these hooray fucktards even know what a fascist is?

    Wonder if this deluded gobshite has been punched and kicked yet? What's the bet it happens when his name gets out there? lol

    Reap what you sow and all that good stuff!