Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband, used part of his conference speech to bash the energy companies for their prices. This would be the same idiot who wanted to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the middle of this century and whose policies have directly led to energy price rises.

However in proof that God has a sense of humour, Miliband's speech suffered from a power cut - meaning all the live feeds went down:
Ed Miliband's landmark speech to the Labour conference was dealt a massive blow today when the live link went down just five minutes into his address to the nation.

After a two-minute opening during which he rattled off five jokes, the Labour leader declared he was going to 'get down to business' - but almost immediately the screens went blank, and those watching the BBC and Sky were cut off from the speech.
Oh the irony.