Monday, 26 September 2011

Everything Starts With An E

From the superb Cranmer, a post on the continuing decline of the Conservative Party, as demonstrated by the list of suggested topics to discuss at the Tory conference next week:
It appears that MPs are being encouraged to discuss fashion at next week’s party conference. Yes, that’s right, fashion. It’s a topic recommended by CCHQ in which ‘delegates might like to take an interest’.
And the subject that has not been suggested? Go on guess it begins with E:
Paul Goodman at ConservativeHome notes that suggested topics for debate do not include the European Union. You see, the last thing CCHQ wants is for delegates (not representatives?) to ‘bang on’ about Europe. Good grief, no
The markets are in turmoil, the IMF is running out of money, Greece is set to default, French banks are in real trouble, there's a real possibility that the Euro could collapse before the Tory conference even starts, setting off god knows what consequences, but the subject suggested for discussion

As a line in the song asks: "what planet are you on?" Indeed.


  1. As I pointed out on twitter, 'Europe' not being in 'fashion', just what exactly did Paul Goodman expect?

  2. Indeed WfW, Though I'd laugh like a drain if it all goes pear shaped on the day Cameron has to give his speech - like it did in 2008, and he had to hastily re-write his speech