Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Tory Nadine Dorries is one of those MPs who's so thick that even the other MPs have noticed, so it is of no surprised that she is getting all excited over Mark Pritchard's article yesterday in the Daily Telegraph. She blogs:
I am very definitely one of those calling for a referendum as backbench MP and secretary of the 1922 committee Mark Pritchard has done in today’s Daily Telegraph.

The time for all backbench Tory MPs to start pushing for a referendum is now. Not at conference where such meetings will be tolerated, but back in Westminster when Parliament resumes and conference is forgotten. Westminster is the kitchen and we backbenchers will have to turn up the heat to get what we want.
Pushing for a referendum? Hmm so let's have a look her voting record on EU matters now her party is in Government:
  1. She voted to approve of the Lisbon Treaty:
    Nadine Dorries MP, Mid Bedfordshire voted to establish the European Union External Action Service.
  2. She approved that the EU should have economic governance over the UK:
    Nadine Dorries MP, Mid Bedfordshire voted to approve the Government's position that any sanctions proposed by the EU in relation to economic governance do not apply to the UK.
  3. And voted to approve UK bailouts of Eurozone countries:
    Nadine Dorries MP, Mid Bedfordshire voted to dilute proposed opposition to EU bailouts of countries in financial trouble.
Does she really think we're all taken in by her nonsense? Apparently so. Talking of thick MPs, Clegg today claims no-one predicted the Euro crisis (circa 12 mins in).

Meanwhile the Euro turmoil continues with the imminent default of Greece, a surprising downgrade of Italy's credit rating and the China State Bank halting FX swaps with UBS and big 3 French banks.

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