Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back To School For Merkel

Courtesy of the Purple Scorpian I spot this 'breathtakingly stupid' remark from Merkel:
"History has shown that countries with a common currency never wage war against one another, and that is why the euro is far more than just a currency. If the euro fails, Europe fails. It must not fail, and will not fail,"
Purple Scorpion does the business of frisking this here. Merkel's comments can also be dismissed with one simple word: Yugoslavia.


  1. Not forgetting, of course, what is now the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom.

    The Irish Free State (which became the Republic) continued with a common currency, at parity with the the pound sterling, for many years

  2. @Edward Spalton Good point, had forgotten about that.

  3. Is there some nascent trigger harboured in Europe that unless the currency and federal entity exist someone absolutely must wage armed conflict?

    The idiocy of these people defies belief, reason and logic.