Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yes In A Way It's Our Fault?

One of my favourite Paul Merton lines on the quiz show Have I Got News For You was during the famous episode when host Angus Deayton was getting a thoroughly deserved kicking over tabloid exploits concerning his private life the previous Sunday.

Deayton started complaining about the treatment he was getting from the two captains which prompted Merton to quip sarcastically:
"yes in a way it's our fault isn't it?"

And it's with this in mind I read Chris Bryant's article in the Independent on Sunday, desperately trying to blame eurosceptics for the Euro shambles:
Can't you just hear the eurosceptics cackling? They've been salivating away like Pavlov's dogs at every twist of the eurozone's recent travails. They've even formed a new group in Parliament where they are busy practising framing the words "I told you so" like debutantes learning to pout, while they hope against hope that they are witnessing the twitching corpse of the European Union.
Eurosceptics howled down the idea of enforced EU audits, of course. If France and Germany had abided by the Stability and Growth Pact and if the European Commission or the Council of Ministers had been given powers to intervene when the pact was being flouted, then Europe might have avoided the shared misery and uncertainty of today. But oh no, proud national autonomy meant that we campaigned for the weakest possible set of rules.
Yes, because in a way it's our fault isn't it?

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