Thursday, 29 September 2011

Labour Conference

Is it me, or does the end of the Labour conference resemble a bizarre hippy funeral. Both Red Flag and Jerusalem were sung less than gusto:

This is how Jerusalem should be sung:


  1. If only they could have played the Last Post.

  2. What a soulless bunch!
    I guess that's what communism does to you. The Russians gave it up as a bad job and so did the Chinese. North Korea is sticking it out to the bitter end, and the EU have decided to give it a try.

    From my school days, I'd swear that the words were "mental flight" not "fight", am I going gaga?

  3. @JiC not long now hopefully.

    @Twig Soulless indeed, they weren't even trying and most of them appear to look at the words on a sheet of paper.

    It is 'mental fight'