Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bugger Off

Just caught a quick listen to BBC Radio 2 just now - The Jeremy Vine show - discussing the proposed hike in Capital Gains Tax to 40% which is being hotly debated within the coalition. All well reasoned arguments on both sides, then there's a voice that sounds all too familiar to me putting the case forward for the Lib Dems: Evan Harris!

Erm how do I put this? You lost your seat (with not much dignity I hasten to add), you're now no longer a MP, why oh why have you been clogging up the tv and radio airwaves since?

Still at least he's in good company.


  1. Dr Invisible lost his job and found the need to get some TV work... His presence on my telly has been annoying me greatly too.

    Shame he was not visible when he was an MP... well not really the good folk of Abingdon and Oxford West are better off without him.

  2. As I don't live in Oxford West I wasn't sure quite what he was like as an MP, but he sure provokes extreme reactions with those that do; both for and against.

    His 'losing' speech on election night though was very undignified so I'm not surprised we're probably better off without him.