Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More Of The Same

Iain Dale reports tonight that:
No one likes to be bounced. But that's exactly how Conservative MPs are feeling this evening. At a hastily arranged meeting of the 1922 Committee this afternoon, David Cameron suggested that the 1992 Committee should in future be made up of the whole parliamentary party, and not just backbenchers. This is interpreted as being a power grab by the party leadership. MPs are currently voting on whether to make the change or not.
Not content with making fundamental changes to our constitution on a whim, reneging on a crucial manifesto promise within 2 weeks of taking office, Cameron is now trying to make an audacious assault on the power of his own backbenches; one which would hugely limit the power of Conservative backbenches to hold the government to account.

Naturally this will probably mean it will be harder for the more EU sceptical Tory MPs to hold Cameron to account over his pro-EU policies.

Nevermind, at least most Tories were happy to get rid of Labour whatever the cost.

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  1. Agreed, Cameron is striving for ultimate power over the conservatives through this latest move and should be stopped!!!

    verification is'rebrabl' which is quite fitting really!!