Thursday, 13 May 2010

'My Government'

When Cameron stood outside Number 10, he said this:
I want to make sure that my Government always looks after the elderly, the frail, the poorest in our country.
It's not your Government Dave, it's the Queen's (well the EU's if we're to be pedantic). This was the kind of thing Blair and Brown used to say all the time, it's a basic error. No surprise Dave is carrying on New Labour's traditional of making fundamental constitutional changes written on the back of an envelope without any idea of the consequences:
Plans for fixed-term Parliaments "not credible" and "dangerous" - says law expert. The plans in the Lib-Con agreement for fixed term Parliaments are already raising legal eyebrows. Scott Styles, a senior lecturer in the school of law at Aberdeen University, has described them as "truly astounding."
Is it any wonder that Dave proposes undeliverable policies regarding the EU when he struggles to understand our own constitution?

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