Tuesday, 4 May 2010


It was one of those days today where you rush around lots but don't seem to achieve much, so unfortunately not much leafleting done today. My counting agents' form for Thursday evening was sent in on time - just!

So just a quick observation which has cropped up with quite a number of people. There seem to be fewer posters outside people's gardens, in windows etc this election from all parties. There are the usual ones in farmers' fields, but other than that the constituency I'm standing in and the one I live in seem to be generally bereft of them. One road in Abingdon is nearly always covered in Tory posters at election time - all the way down the street; this year there's only 2.

I don't know specifically the reason why, I can only speculate but it just adds to the enormous gulf, that I have experienced on the doorstep, between the political system and the people it is supposed to represent.

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  1. TF,

    Methinks that the electorate are truly fed up and that is confirmed in the drop in poll percentages, a drop which seem to 'disappear' into the ether. Also think that party poster on what would appear to be a fone box might just be having an effect?