Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Well That Didn't Last Long. called Tory Euro-scepticism. Of course we all knew that the Tories were never truly sceptical of the EU project but the revealing of their true colours since the election has happened sooner than I thought.

EUReferendum points me to an article by Mary Ellen Synon in the Daily Mail regarding the case of Abid Naseer:
The leader of a terrorist cell planning an attack on Easter shoppers in Manchester cannot be deported back to Pakistan in case he is tortured, a tribunal has ruled.
Why not? Because of the European Convention on Human Rights. So what do the Tories propose to do about it? Scrap the Act as per their manifesto commitment on page 90?
....we will replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights.
Of course not, they will 'review' it instead. Mary Ellen Synon is not impressed:
The most revolting thing about the way Cameron and Hague have sold out the British to the European Union isn't that they've done it; though that is revolting enough.

No, the thing which is really sick-making is the eagerness, the enthusiasm with which they've done it. What has been revolting is the speed with which they have grabbed any excuse to dump every Conservative policy of resistance to ever-greater control of Britain by the EU institutions.

It has become clear that every word of scepticism ever uttered by Cameron and Hague about the dangers posed to Britain by the EU was fake. They never meant any of it. The coalition negotiations with the loser-Lib-Dems didn't force them to surrender any of these policies -- it is clear now the Tory leadership couldn't hand them over fast enough.

One policy they've dumped with shameless speed is the commitment that a new Tory-led government would repatriate the powers that were handed over to Brussels by Labour in the areas of social and employment laws, and criminal justice.

Now all Cameron and Hague say they will do is 'examine the balance' of such powers Brussels now holds in these crucial areas. Which means nothing. Or rather, what it means is that they will fight to repatriate nothing.

The fact that the Cameron promises on the EU were just complete bollocks comes as no surprise, what does come as a surprise is that many Tory activists appear to have been taken in by them. See the anger and frustration here, here, here and here as they claim that the Tories are the only party to win power who will fight the EU, and that a vote for UKIP is indirectly a vote for more Brussels by keeping Brown in.

But it was perfectly obvious that Cameron loves the EU project as much as Clegg and now we have real proof.


  1. Good dissection, and echos my thoughts of the last couple of years or so.

    Would you mind awfully if I reproduced this on my blog (with link to source, naturally)?