Thursday, 13 May 2010


Ian Cowie from the Telegragh reports that the useless, bureaucratic and expensive Home Information Packs are to be abolished:
So, farewell then, Home Information Packs (HIPs). You were about as much use to homebuyers and sellers as a chocolate teapot. You were even worse value for people who spent time and money training to become HIP inspectors.
At least though he acknowledges that they are the result of EU law:
but experts point out this part of HIPs is compulsory under European Union law. So much for voting for change.
Indeed. My neighbour moved yesterday, and to their credit the local estate agent put the EU directive on the details.


  1. I wonder of all the people who got trained to become HIPS inspectors will sue if they are abolished.

  2. Ross, every time I think of them I laugh.

    You spot an opportunity to get a non-job filling out multiple tick-box forms down the pub for a neverending supply of 'customers' who are forced to exist by law. Then someone randomly pulls the rug out and forces you to go back to a productive job requiring real effort instead.

    Laugh? I almost paid my Mess bill...