Sunday, 22 January 2012

Celebrating The Rebellion

One of the consequences of the smoking ban is that the gents' toilets in sports stadiums, particularly football grounds, have become the equivalent of bike sheds at schools - somewhere to go for a 'crafty half-time fag'. Completely illegal of course but often the stewards take the view that they would be significantly outnumbered in a confined space if they raised an objection, so they leave well alone.

Usually, in my experience, most who use the toilets are ok with the situation - probably because the reason for a large number of us being there is to empty our bladders as a consequence of a consumption of copious alcoholic beverages. A complaint on health issues would be highly improper.

But... you always get one. And so it proved yesterday - the classic father and 'think of the kids' complaint. Which would all be plausible if said kid didn't look like he ate too much and also decided not to move about a lot. Needless to say the father was left in doubt regarding the general sentiment.

Anyway the point of this post is a tribute to classic British obstinacy. The Government may like to tell us what to do but the power resides with us - we only have to choose to use it.

Update: Just spotted this over at the Filthy Engineer's blog

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