Wednesday, 4 January 2012


According to the Metro, a new set of coins will be issued to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics which includes a 50p piece that explains the football offside rule.

Allegedly, as pictured above:
The ingenious diagram shows a football pitch with simple icons showing whether a player is offside or not.
Yep, so ingenious that a 50p coin clears all the confusion up.

Such nuances like not "interfering with play", or was he in a "passive position", or was it "second phase play" or giving the "benefit of the doubt" are irrelevant.

We're all simpletons apparently - thank god we have a 50p coin to let us know the rules of football.


  1. We just need to kill all socialists. And I'm serious.

  2. @JiC We could kill them by throwing loads of 50p coins at them :-)

  3. @JiC Maybe, being silly makes the world go round lol

  4. So much for those cynics that say we're a dumbed down nation.
    Next up, how to boil an egg on a pound.