Friday, 20 January 2012

Dehumanising The Victim Makes Things Simpler...

Richard North reminds us that it's the 70th of the Wannsee Conference.

Above is an excerpt from the very unsettling BBC film Conspiracy based on the infamous meeting, which vividly illustrates that people's lives were reduced to that of numbers and 'Dilbert like corporate speak'.

It can, and will happen again...

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  1. TBF,

    It is....and will happen again, the new Nazis are currently pouring into Britain. Their creed, ambition of total absolutism coupled with a vicious ideology means it is only a matter of time. Furthermore, all this facilitated and expedited through the relentless insistence and pursuit of Multikulti practices marshalled with Nazi-like precision by our very own 'camp guards' who are; "only following orders" = From high command in Brussels, I would guess at 30 years at the outside, sooner maybe.