Monday, 9 January 2012

Referendums And Hypocrisy

The Daily Telegraph has an article by Labour MP Douglas Alexander criticising Alex Salmond's reluctance to go for a Scottish independence referendum. The sheer arrogance and hypocrisy in the piece that pours from every paragraph from Alexander is enough to send me to bed with industrial quantities of ACE inhibitors. Here's a selection of quotes:
Everyone knows an independence referendum is coming, but for the moment only one man knows when. Alex Salmond is determined to delay for one simple reason: despite all his bluster, he fears the verdict of the Scottish people.
In 2007, the SNP became the Government of Scotland, but in the four years of their first Parliamentary term they chose not to present a bill bringing forward a referendum. Only in the final months of that Parliament, in February 2011, did they publish a consultation which pledged an immediate referendum – a position they have subsequently rowed back from.
Laughably he then invokes the manifesto promise argument:
Last May, the SNP was elected on a manifesto that promised a referendum....
Funnily enough Douglas Alexander was elected on a manifesto promise too in 2005...but hey nevermind inconvenient facts. He continues:

No credible explanation has yet been offered to account for the delay – presumably because it simply reflects the SNP’s fear of the Scottish’s people’s answer. Only this weekend, an Ipsos Mori poll found support for Scottish independence at 29 per cent, against 54 per cent who want to remain part of the UK.

Oh now we're using polling evidence to criticise Alex Salmond for fearing that he will lose - doesn't that sound familiar? Still, self awareness doesn't appear to be his strong point - but on he rumbles regardless:

I have never feared the verdict of the Scottish people. As Johann Lamont, the new Scottish Labour leader, said yesterday, we want the referendum to be held as quickly as possible.

Never feared the verdict of the Scottish people eh? Well I beg to differ, guess, no really guess, how Mr Alexander voted regarding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty:

Yep, he feared the verdict of the British people. But then this is not the first time he has been 'less than candid' with the British people.


  1. Utterly shameless. I believe he doesn't even see the beam in his own eye.

    With the stoopid AV business the political class showed they're happy to hold referenda when it suits them, but not on important issues and certainly not the most important constitutional issue of all.

  2. @TT Couldn't agree more, Labour held loads of referendums on devolution and directly elected mayors etc.

    They're treating us like imbeciles...

  3. Wonder if they realize their hypocrisy or fail to see it.

  4. This issue has been pumped up to create a smoke screen. Same as HS2.
    HS2 won't happen and Scotland will not leave the UK, but the media hoo ha will keep our eyes off of the ball.

    The real story:

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