Sunday, 8 January 2012

Talk Constitution

I meant to blog earlier on this new initiative by David Phipps of Witterings from Witney and IanPJ on politics on trying to fix our currently subverted constitution and attempting to restore the broken relations between the people and Parliament. WfW's relevant post here is well worth a read in full.

The site is due to go live at noon today and you can register here to take part in the debate. The more the better, as UKK41 says democracy is not a spectator sport. Use it or lose it.

The task ahead is however somewhat daunting and I wish WfW all the best in this endeavour. Given that Mrs Thatcher was described this morning, on Andrew Marr as the first UK female head of state, Brown and Cameron both refer to "my Government" and Cameron says "my Parliament", we all face a huge uphill battle.


  1. TBF,
    Thanks for the links to the Talk Constitution forum.

    UKK41 is absolutely right in his analysis that democracy is not a spectator sport. We must use it or we will lose it.

    When you ask someone what they want Government to be like, how they wish to be governed, 99 times out of a hundred the answer you will get will be ‘I don’t want Government to ….’

    It is very easy to criticise, it is very easy to tear down and destroy, but not quite so easy to build, to articulate exactly what it is that you do want when it comes to the governance of our country.

    That is why having a forum where you can outline what you do want, and having people agree with you, or challenge it, discuss it and have your ideas refined is such a good idea.

    Get ye over to and put forward your ideas on how government should work, what they should or should not be allowed to do, how local authorities should work, how taxes should be levied, raised and disbursed, or suggest clauses and wording for a written codified constitution for this land of ours.

    Don’t get hung up with the way it is, think outside of the box, tell us what you WANT it to be like. Don’t expect to be led by the nose by the board moderators, YOU make the suggestions, and ultimately you will also be one of the participants that make the decisions.

    Be frank, be bold, but please keep it polite.

  2. Signed up and awaiting authorisation by the board admin. :)

  3. @IanPJ thank you for your comment, I will indeed hope to contribute ideas to talkconstitution

    @John Baker Excellent stuff...