Friday, 27 January 2012

I'm Not Sure Whether To Laugh Or Cry

"MP's have little to do" wails Jack Straw (my emphasis):
"The government is running dry of legislation from its programme to put before MPs.
"So desperate have they been to manufacture activity that ordinary bills that could and should go into a public bill committee where they can properly be examined line-by-line are now to have all their stages on the floor - a procedure normally reserved for bills of great constitutional importance.
"I can rarely recall a time when the business of the Commons has been so light..."
There's, obviously, a very good reason why this is the case but neither, unsurprisingly, Jack Straw nor the BBC are willing to highlight it.


  1. Good spot. How very enlightening.

    Ties in with them wanting to sell Parliament off to Russian or Chinese develpers. They don't need it any more.


  2. Mr Straw, if you read this blog, I will be celebrating the day that you die. Is that how you really want to be remembered by anyone? But, as an unreconstructed socialist, and probably someone who has rejected God, you can't really expect anything else. I just pray that last minute deathbed repentance is seen by my God as the cynical affectation that it is. So, I hope that you spit in the eye of my God, so that you descend to the hell that you deserve.

  3. @JiC It is possible he's reading this blog, I do get IP address registered to various Whitehall departments come up in the stats.