Sunday, 8 January 2012

Official Confirmation Of The Cameron Deception

Bloggers4UKIP has had an official response to his FOI request regarding Cameron's phantom veto, in short he's received official confirmation that Cameron has lied (Bloggers4UKIP's emphasis):
The Foreign & Commonwealth Office have responded today with the following:

Dear Mr Parr,

Thank-you for your email. I apologise for the short delay in getting back to you.

We are not treating your email as an FOI request as no EU Treaty was drafted at the European Council in December. So I have passed your email asking about the Prime Minister’s rejection of a new EU Treaty and a financial transaction tax to my colleagues in our Europe Directorate for a response. They will be in touch shortly.
No treaty? That's interesting because according to the Conservative Party website on the 9th of December ...

Prime Minister David Cameron has today spoken of his decision to veto a new European treaty following a round of discussions with European leaders in Brussels.
Despite this, the narrative of Cameron's veto still continues, never mind the facts.


  1. The FO aka: the common-purpose-alien office huh?

    Those dudes are on another plane man, BTW - so is DAVE - he works for another set of masters.

    Good win on SAT, shame about the draw, still promotion is what you need TBF - good luck to Town.

  2. I put a FOI into 10 Downing Street.
    The 'Treaty' that I received was, in fact, the EU briefing notes at the end of the meeting.

    Tosspots - all of them!


  3. @Anon Thanks for your kind comments re: the Town - you're right promotion is what we need most of all.

    @Anon Tosspots? Can't disagree with that.