Saturday, 3 July 2010

EU X-Factor

Sort of. Rummaging around EU press releases, as you do (well it was Argentina vs Germany in the World Cup - a classic case of pity they both can't lose) I came across this little beauty:
“Music against poverty” 2010: get your message out!

Something needs to be done to fight poverty worldwide... so join our fight with your music as the weapon to get your message out!

Two winners will be chosen from across the 27 EU countries: one chosen by our jury of professionals and the other by Internet users.

A great chance to take part in an event with wide media coverage!

To join, just submit your song and enter the Music against poverty contest. Nothing could be easier.

You’ll have your own webpage where you can advertise your song and explain why you want to fight poverty.

You can join us if:

you're an EU citizen between 15 and 25 years old
you can write a song on fighting poverty around the world
you submit your song before 30 September 2010 at noon CET.
Of course the EU could help fight poverty a bit better by not actually closing steel plants or increasing people's fuel bills. But never mind, just a mere detail. On to more important things; what can we win (see, the url says prizes)?
First of all, you get to do your bit in the fight against poverty.
Excellent that gets the conscience bit out of the way, but there's more...(my emphasis): can also get to record your song in a professional studio, and perform at a widely publicized event in Brussels during the European Development Days in December 2010. Accommodation and travel expenses paid!
I bet they are, after all it's only our money. Now it's not for me to say that any willing participants won't be altruistic about this, but the precedent suggests otherwise - all publicity is good publicity, especially for budding singers hoping to make the big time.

And the net result from a song trying to fight poverty? Bugger all.

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