Thursday 8 July 2010

Shock Horror... Englishman makes it to the World Cup final. Good luck Howard Webb:
Englishman Howard Webb has been chosen to referee the World Cup final between Netherlands and Spain in Johannesburg on Sunday, Fifa has confirmed.

The 38-year-old Yorkshireman has had a good tournament so far, as have his assistants Michael Mullarkey and Darren Cann, who will join him in the final.

Webb is the first Englishman to referee the final since Jack Taylor in 1974.


  1. Ah TBF, but the losers will need someone to blame, come Sunday evening and what better than the English!

    There is bound to be some 'Mullarkey' tried by the Spanish and if anyone 'Cann' control them Webb will.

    Anyway I am positive that Howard will be able to hold his own in rebuttal on his 'Webbsite'!

  2. He's a solid ref. Looks the part physically as well. I hope he does well. Still surprising he's only 38 though, he's been doing Premier League games for at least 4 years now...

  3. WfW You're not wrong, Webb was blamed by the Spanish for their opening game defeat.

    CS Agreed, even Mourinho said he was a ref who gets the big decisions right. High praise indeed. Let's hope he doesn't do a 'Graham Poll' on Sunday.