Monday, 19 July 2010

Play It Again, Cam

Labour had a habit in office of re-announcing previous initiatives and policies when in power. The Tories', however, have gone one better - they've re-announced a previous Government's scheme.

David Cameron has launched today his 'Big Society' ideas (whatever that means). Richard North highlights the obvious nonsense that this is, here. But amongst the; 'we-can't-do-it-because-we're-in-the-EU' parts, there's this:
As well as encouraging greater volunteering and philanthropy, Mr Cameron confirmed plans to use funds stuck in dormant bank and building society accounts to enable "some of the most dynamic" charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups to take over the running of public services.
Using dormant bank accounts? Now that sounds familiar:
Gordon Brown has confirmed that hundreds of millions of pounds are to be withdrawn from dormant bank accounts and returned to their rightful owners or given to worthy causes in deprived areas.
Yep, it's the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill, passed in 2008.

Edit: Damn just spotted that the marvelous Dizzy Thinks was there ahead of me.

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