Thursday 22 July 2010


It appears that Nick Griffin has been banned from the Queen's garden party:
BNP leader Nick Griffin has been denied entry to a Buckingham Palace garden party over claims he "overtly" used his invitation for political purposes.

A spokesman said his behaviour had "increased the security threat and the potential discomfort" to other guests.
Well yes, it's not unexpected, the Palace was always going to use any old excuse to prevent him from going. The Queen may be a traitor but she's not stupid.

The opportunity of a possible photograph of Mr Griffin with the Queen within the vicinity of Buckingham Palace was never going to happen.

Apparently he boasted about being invited. Which gave the Palace all the excuse they needed. If you're going to be an odious little shit then you have to develop a little more political acumen, and not cry 'free speech' in order to cover up your own inadequacies.

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