Sunday, 18 July 2010


The election maybe over, but the disquiet over the Tories' less than impressive election campaign goes on. According to Iain Martin over at the Wall Street Journal, Tory donors are expressing disquiet that significant sums of their money were spent on Tory ads that were never shown:
All [the ads] were designed to show that the Conservatives had changed. The young men in the shower are discussing coming out as Conservatives, and the central characters in the other two ads are also struggling with the idea that they have become secret Tories.
It appears that the ads were shelved as the Tory ‘decontamination phase’ had gone on far too long and people needed more positive reasons for voting David Cameron (insert your own joke here).

Martin goes on to say (my emphasis):
What I do know is that a significant Tory party donor said to me recently that he was reluctant to hand the party another check until he got a guarantee that the next Tory election campaign will be run on a completely different basis from that of this year. He said that if he ran his business in that way — with no clear strategy, multiple chiefs and a lack of strong leadership at HQ — he would expect to go bust pretty quickly.
And now they're running the country. Doesn't that just fill you with confidence?

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