Tuesday 6 July 2010

Europe Knows What It Needs to Do

From the Wall Street Journal (my bold stuff):

The question now is what is to be done that both ensures the survival of the euro and is also politically feasible. On one thing the eurocracy agrees: it must not trigger an amendment to the Lisbon Treaty, lest voters be given another chance to let their masters know just what they think of the European Project, and torpedo it. Less kindly put, fight fiscal deficits but maintain the EU's democratic deficit at all costs.

These quotes from the article are great / accurate too:
"Europe is irrelevant to the 21st century."
And (my emphasis):

Europe's refusal to bear the burdens of maintaining a sensible world order has diminished its influence around the world. Ask anyone in the White House to name the three European Union presidents, and most will have trouble naming one. Why bother communing with an area the size of America that won't spend enough on its military to police its own backyard, or make a meaningful contribution to the war on terror — Britain being the notable exception.

We're being dragged down by our membership.

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