Saturday, 17 July 2010

I Shouldn't Laugh But...

This story was on today's front page of the Telegraph (I can't yet find it online):
Olympic mascots commissioned to tour schools inspiring children to be more active have been recalled because the actors inside them can barely move.
Oh the irony. The report goes onto say:
Mandeville, the Paralympic mascot, had trouble even waving an arm...
Far be it for me to comment.

P.S. Needless to say this how the BBC website reported the relevant story in their newspaper review:

The Telegraph reports the recall of 2012 Olympic mascot costumes after the wearers struggled to move.

The mascots, meant to tour schools and inspire children to be active, "had trouble even moving an arm".

Update: I found a similar Telegraph online report here, which has completely different text to the paper edition.


  1. Guess what, BF.... the BBC have binned their report - what a surprise - obviously removed to spare the blushes of the previous government. A bit pointless as the story is available elsewhere but it does further demonstrate the BBC Pravda mindset extremely well.

  2. The inability to move or perform their supposed tasks must mean they had been modelled on the English football team!

    Oh the irony - word verification was 'inglan'!!!

  3. BS: To be fair to the BBC (as much as saying that grates) that was my fault - due to watching golf with beer. The link I posted initially was slightly incorrect - now amended.

  4. WfW, I suspect they have more movement than the England team - at least on recent evidence.