Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pay As You Throw

The Cyrus Mail is reporting that trials are beginning in the Aglandjia area of its capital city, with the introduction of chipped bins and a 'pay as you throw' system:

RUBBISH bins with electronic spy chips will be provided to Aglandjia residents starting January 2011, as part of a pilot programme aiming at the reduction of household waste.

As part of the Municipal Council’s attempts to find a fair garbage levy system, gradually eliminate dumping sites and minimise pollution of the environment, the ‘pay as you throw’ system proposed also aspires to boost the existing recycling programme

“Everyone considers this system to be the fairest one,” said Andreas Petrou, Mayor of Anglandjia, “since residents will be charged according to the amount of waste they produce.” In this way, the ‘pay as you throw’ program aims to encourage recycling, an act that inevitably decreases household waste.
Of course there's no mention in the Cyprus Mail's article of why this is being done - the EU Landfill Directive. It's not just UK newspapers that are useless regarding their journalism then.

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