Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool

Lots of the usual April foolery today in the MSM and on the blogs. One odd one though is this from The Sun:
COPS quizzed a boy of 13 over an "assault" on another lad - with a MARSHMALLOW.

Officers swooped on Nathan Watch's school in Torpoint, Cornwall, after a sweet thrown by larking kids hit the lad.

Nathan's dad Nigel called the probe "pathetic".

He told how he was called by the school to tell him his son was being accused of "common assault" - and would be quizzed as it had become a "police matter".
It must be a wind-up I thought, then doubts crept into my mind. No I could imagine that this would be true especially when other papers run with it, including the Daily Mail:

But they have now pulled their copy. Whoops have the Daily Mail been caught out? No apparently it still might be true.

Update: Sun says the story is true:
Our TRUE Page One story yesterday about a boy of 13 quizzed over an alleged assault with a marshmallow was listed in the Top Ten April Fools on America's Fox News.

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