Thursday, 21 April 2011

"We Have Bills To Pay"

So says Patrizio Fiorilli speaking for the EU Commission on last night's BBC's Newsnight regarding their demands for a budget increase, that Cameron will agree to:

This whole interview will help the eurosceptic cause no end, even BBC interviewer, Emily Maitlis, appears to be struggling to maintain her composure


  1. That's because a woman knows when a sneering little prick is taking the urine.

    It was clear to see at the end that she had sussed him and he knew it.

    Smug clown - a few more voters for UKIP.

  2. He's smoother than a horse's ear'ole...

  3. Good old Ems - the look of contempt on her face was quite outstanding!

    What a git. Plus an italian talking with a belgian accent - just shows where he wuz brung up.

    Bring on the piano wire and go long on lamp posts.

  4. David A. Evans.21 April 2011 at 16:51

    I can't see Emily lasting much longer at Al Beeb. She got in the 16 years of accounts not signed off too!

  5. I've emailed the arrogant little bastard. It won't do any good, but I found it theraputic. If you feel like doing the same his email address is:

  6. I linked you to Hannans blog on DT, without your permission and didn't mention you in my comment.
    #Soz frog - bet your boiling!

    BTW luv the blog, have it in my fav's now.

    Keep on sticking it to 'em and thank you for your noble efforts.

  7. @BJ Indeed, he must to have been bad for even a BBC reporter to take umbrage

    @HH :-)

    @cuffleyburgers I'm just as happy to drop the whole piano on his head, if I'm honest

    @David A. Evans Agreed, that she didn't toe the Beeb line will not have gone unnoticed.

    @Deedee99 Thanks for the email address, I may just do that.

    @Anon Thanks for linking and for your kind comments,