Monday, 11 April 2011


Dr North highlighted the problems between Italy and France on unwelcome immigration and France's illegal actions which contravene EU law. Now it looks like the issue has moved to Germany as well:
"Germany has threatened to reinstate border checks "against the interests" of the EU's free movement zone in an escalating row with Italy over Tunisian refugees...during bad-tempered European talks on Monday, Germany warned Italy that it will not accept the migrants and that Berlin will tear up the EU's border-free travel arrangements to stop them."
Cameron take note, if you don't like EU law you can just ignore it - the fact you don't says everything. Naturally Italy are not impressed with Germany's stance:
Roberto Maroni, the Italian interior minister, said Italy had to “consider if it is still worth being part of the EU” after the hostile reaction to its plan. ”It's fine when Italy contributes to euro bail-outs, to wars, but on this very specific issue of helping us out, EU states are absolutely not willing to show solidarity,” he said.
Selfish national interest (or in other words trying to pacify your own electorate) has turned out to be more important than the EU ideal. Hardly a surprise. Let's face it, the project to eliminate the nation state in Europe is just not working and will never work. It is a very expensive flawed and failing project of the 2oth century and is never going to succeed. Can we leave yet?

The whole EU project reminds me of the children's toy - Spirograph. It looks new and exciting on the box, they claim that you can create complex drawings easily and the principle on paper appears to be based on indisputable logic but when confronted with the real world it just doesn't bloody work.


  1. Spot on, TBF.

    We were never MEANT to cosy up together. Diverse nations, with diverse cultures, economies, law, and in some cases, religion.

    You ever tried keeping all your family happy and talking to each other at say, a wedding? It's nearly impossible. And thats fifty individuals from the same country.

    Now try it with over 500 million individuals.

    It was never going to work.

    The sooner we all agree that it was a stupid idea, the better.


  2. Thanks CR, families + weddings? Oh yes tell me about it ;-) Sadly, for the rest of us, it's going to be the politicians who will be the last to (want to) see it.

  3. Well, for that, there is a solution.

    We must assist them where necessary to see that they are imbeciles doing imbecilic things for other imbeciles.

    We must demand an exit.