Friday, 15 April 2011

Discrimination Is Discrimination

Campaigning today I encountered a voter who was rather angry - to say the least - about primarily immigration (no surprise there).

However what had specifically provoked her ire was the latest Unison National Executive Council Election ballot paper which she had received because she works as a civilian in the Police force. With her permission I scan the document here, here's the covering letter:

and here's the ballot paper:

So far so good, a ballot paper enclosed to democratically elect the Unison NEC. Nowt wrong with that you may think. So the source of her ire? Page four:

A special page to elect members based on their skin colour. This from the same union who have a dedicated section here to the Equality Act and still did not think that it went far enough:
The Equality Act passed in April 2010 brings together previous discrimination and equality law into one harmonised Act. UNISON welcomed this new law, although we remain concerned that in some areas it does not go far enough.
I've been a member of UKIP long enough to participate in electing 2 leaders and members of the UKIP NEC and everytime it has been a vote based on merit and rightly so.

As the owner of a small business if I came anywhere near the antics of Unison (which I never would) I would be locked up and then hung, drawn and quartered before you could scream 'racist'.

Why is Unison different (i.e. above the law)?

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  1. I concluded a long time ago that the unions in our country are racist organisations. Just see how they have colluded with the powers that be to destroy the work ethic of the indigenous population, and to enthusiastically embrace the EU, to see them for what they really are.