Friday, 22 April 2011

Raw Deal

From today's Sun:

I'm not sure what's the more ludicrous EU story today, this or Cameron claiming that he'll veto the EU budget.

Please feel free to leave any Arnie / EU based puns in the comments.


  1. Well he left California in a right mess did he not?....Couldn't do any worse than the politburo could he?

    He could shoot down the budget, terminate UKIP and say hasta la vista to UK coal fired power stations and UK industry in the process.

  2. Just whisper it but Gordon and Arnie are tipped for dream team places at either the IMF or the UN. Good times are just around the corner!!

  3. The EUronator?

    This is too hilarious to be for real... :D

    Mamapajamas, Florida, USA

  4. @Anon1 Perhaps that might be a good tactic, get Arnie in and make a right mess of the EU - I like it!

    @William Dream Team? Indeed they both can ruin those institutions like they did the UK and California respectively. I'm up for that.

    @Anon2 Indeed

  5. TBF... Please... how can the UN be "ruined? It is already a debating club for socialists. My only hope would be for them to ruin it so badly, EVERYONE would want it thrown out of New York!

    Mamapajamas, Florida