Sunday, 23 October 2011


Via The Talking Clock, I link to Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail who highlights a rather sinister, though not surprising, development that Tory MPs who are opposed to the EU have to disguise their identity when talking to BBC radio 4:
Two Tory MPs are so scared of David Cameron’s pro-EU thought police that they have hidden their identities when giving radio interviews on the subject.

One said that wanting to leave the EU was ‘the love that dare not speak its name’. The other attacked Mr Cameron’s broken pledge for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Both knew that the Tory whips would destroy them if their names became known.

So their words were spoken by actors, as if they were dissidents in some foreign dictatorship.
The broadcast can be heard here.


  1. Wonderful to live in a free country isn't it?

  2. @Woodsy42 Indeed, sorry only just seen your blog, have now added it to my blogroll

  3. Was thinking the same thing Woodsy when reading this blog. Why are politicians living in fear if they speak up or vote on behalf of their electors?

    Why are the autocrats being allowed to beat us so.

  4. Thanks for the H/T - nice to see you've picked up another angle on it. All quite amazing really, isn't it?

    This started out as being our assertion that this is a sovereign nation and now, we find it is actually a battle for the restoration of any semblence of democracy in this country whatsoever.

  5. To be fair, they're hiding their identities not because they fear for their lives but for their cushy jobs.

    Yes quite an indictment of our parliament and the party political system but not a terrible reflection on our society...