Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Quite Mad

As predicted by anyone who is 'barking mad' it would seem that today's crucial EU meeting, which apparently would solve all the EU's problems' will end with nothing resolved at all. Actually they can't even do the fudge bit right - it's collapsing in chaos. The Telegraph reports:
...leaders last night appeared to be little closer to settling their long-standing differences on those issues.
That firmly comes under the category of no shit Sherlock. But don't worry chaps, we have another meeting this weekend. So that's now a meeting about a meeting about a meeting. I think. I've lost count.

All of which is highly reassuring when, the Italian Government is close to collapse, Italian bond spreads are once again approaching the danger levels of 6%, Portugal is entering Greece territory, Greece is about to default, French banks are on the verge of collapsing and we're about to thrown more good money after bad. At least EU leaders still can find some time to indulge in a spot of personal recriminations. Following on from Berlusconi's insult, Sarkozy has waded in too:
"...she is on a diet and then helps herself to a second helping of cheese"
That would be the 6"4, adonis, David Beckham lookalike that is Sarkozy. (As an aside has anyone else noticed the similarity between Sarkozy and Lumiere the candlestick in Beauty and the Beast?)

I take 'great comfort' that our economic future lies in the hands of such well qualified and talented leaders. As Isambard Kingdom Brunel once said:
"I endeavour to comprehend the present extraordinary state of railway matters when everyone around seems mad. Stark staring wildly mad. The only sane course for a sane man is to get out and keep quiet."
And I intend to do that, keep quiet, well for a couple of hours at least. Didier Reynders, the Belgian finance minister's left the EU gathering on Sunday early to see the new Tintin film and I'm about to do the same this morning - the film opens today at my local cinema. I'll stick a review up later, that is if, while I watch a Belgian save the world, the Euro doesn't collapse in the meantime.

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