Monday, 3 October 2011

Small Print Buffoonery

I've just had the obligatory free menu shoved through my door from Domino's - very overpriced for what they are - pizzas. One part of the small print regarding the Tuesday BOGOF deal intrigued me though:

"No coupon required. Please mention coupon when ordering."
Hmm how does that work then?


  1. Domino's are just about the worst pizza I have had, and I love pizza. And I agree that they are exorbitantly priced.

  2. I occasionally used to order a Domino's but since learning that they have halal only outfits I no longer bother. Now I buy plain bases and make my own - much healthier, more delcious and cheaper AND I can put as much fecking ham on it as I like.

  3. Anonymous, you've just sealed it for me. I'm not knowingly buying any meat that is halal. I try not to buy lamb from supermarkets that use muslim slaughter methods. I've seen ritual slaughter and it's disgusting.

  4. Buy a cheap breadmaking machine. Apart from making real bread fresh every day you can use it to make just dough and have real tasty pizza bases. You will never again want a bought pizza.