Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Lord Hesketh becomes the latest Tory peer to defect to UKIP after becoming disillusioned with Cameron's policy on Europe. According to Patrick O'Flynn "there will be others".

It seems at least some of the Tory party are waking up to the failings of their 'wait 'till Dave gets in' strategy. Better late than never I s'ppose, but they can't say they weren't warned. Cameron was only ever destined to follow the actions of his predecessors - more EU integration, like John Major who still thinks we can have 'a looser kind of Europe'. This from the man who did precisely the opposite. Major's contribution to the Tory party was to instigate its collapse, lead to the birth of UKIP and ensured that the Tories have never been elected since the Maastricht treaty was passed.

Some legacy, and Cameron is continuing in Major's 'fine' footsteps.

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