Thursday, 6 October 2011

Voters' Concerns

One of the most common arguments proposed against an EU referendum (particularly by Tories) is that not enough voters 'care' about it according to opinion polls:
Nick Boles told a fringe event that he would only engage with the issue when it became one of the top five issues of concern to people. Brandon Lewis MP echoed the point at IPPR’s own fringe. Meanwhile, Ben Page from Ipsos-MORI explained that Europe was one of the least important issues for British voters concerning well under 10 per cent of voters.
Leaving aside that the usual top ten issues, particularly immigration, all have an EU element to it, which politicians cover up to absurd levels, there is also another issue which never comes anywhere near the top of voter's concerns either:

Can you guess what it is? Funny how that, in contrast, it gets far more prominence and coverage despite the fact that voters' don't give a shit.


  1. Actually TBF, name one item in that graphic that is not influenced by the EU - just one?

    ps: seeing as you are good at citizen's arrests, I've got an MP that needs sitting on....... :)

  2. @WfW You're absolutely right, you can't.

    As for sitting on MPs I'll see what I can do, but as I'm sure you'll understand I've subsequently been inundated with requests :-)

  3. How do you interpret the graphic and why are some balls white and some coloured?

  4. @Twig Green is all parties, the other colours represent the parties (blue=conservative etc) and they show which issue is more important to which party. For example on crime, the Tories lead on 25 so it is coloured blue and the others stay white on 21

  5. The thing is we allow l'Huhne to be the seven year old child left in charge of the sweet shop.

    plus the online epetition proposing the repeal of the climate change act has amassed a mammoth 600 signatures after two months.

    the economy is self-destructing and we are complicit if not directly responsible

  6. @letmethink

    These e-petitions are not well publicised, especially the ones the BBC doesn't like. I was not aware of this one until I read your comment. They should have a facility to allow voters to register keywords like "climate", "EU" or "tax" to trigger an email alert.