Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?

Apparently Parliament will debate the issue of a EU referendum next week. There's nothing I can add apart from agree with the sentiments of Witterings from Witney, Your Freedom and Ours and EUReferendum.

In truth I couldn't give a stuff about the vote, the whole charade is meaningless; Labour will vote against, Lib Dems - despite their manifesto promise...
Liberal Democrats have argued for a referendum on whether Britain stays in or leaves the EU. We are the only party confident enough to put the pro-European case to the British people on the big issue facing us – and let the people decide
...will vote against and so will the Tories, on a whip. The vote is not even binding on the government who have made it clear many times that they won't hold one. Yet to avoid embarrassment in case of breakdown of party discipline, due to the campaign building up a head of steam, Cameron has been brought forward the vote to Monday - nothing to do with the fact that plans for a mass lobby of Parliament, similar to the Lisbon Treaty, were in preparation. Oh no.

However in the meantime expect the usual Tory nonsense:
So expect Cameron to use the intervening days to craft a position on Europe that will sway his backbenchers; a position that speaks of repatriating powers, and perhaps of a potential referendum in the next parliament, given certain conditions.
One wonders what the 'wait 'till Dave gets in' brigade now thinks? As Johnny Rotten once said; "ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"


  1. Take heart, TBF, every day their mendacity, deceit and vileness is ever more apparent. It can only hasten the day of their fall.

  2. Thanks as ever, TBF, for the link.

    Oddly enough word verification was 'excit' - Prescient?

  3. Thanks TT, at least one positive outcome of this debate, is it will be harder for the Tories to claim they're Eurosceptic

    @WfW, You're welcome as always