Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blah Blah Blah

For a party that has effectively banned discussion of Europe at their conference it's odd that they can't stop planting stories in the press talking about it before the conference even gets going. Patrick O'Flynn of the Daily Express seems to think this is because cabinet ministers are 'bricking it' about grassroots anger.

So in today's Mail on Sunday we get the following to appease the Tory Europlastics.:
A vote on Europe? Needless to say the piece confirms that the opposite will be true. I'm not going to bother to fisk the piece - it's effectively the same
ol' Tory Europlastic policy-by-numbers; a discussion on a referendum, a vote that won't be binding for the government and a government that has insisted that it won't hold an 'in or out' anyway. As confirmed by this piece in the Observer:

Hague's comments have just been verified by Cameron on the Andrew Marr show this morning; who argued against such a referendum by saying that he "knew what the British people wanted and that was to stay in the EU". The arrogance of his assertions are astonishing although come as hardly a surprise.

So the Tory posturing continues. But events have far overtaken their silly little outbursts. A dose of reality which is in today's Times (£):

The possibility of a second banking crisis looms large as France and Belgium battle to save continental lender Dexia and fears grow of a delay to the next bailout payment for Greece.
By the time Parliament gets round to their 'debate', the whole edifice of the Euro, and possibly the EU could've collapsed. The Tories really are irrelevant.


  1. "The arrogance of his assertions are astonishing..."

    He talks about the British people as though we are an alien race. Probably because we are to him but I venture to suggest the Westminster Crew are the real aliens who walk among us.

    Where is Agent K when you need him?

  2. It's strange TBF that when the Lisbon Treaty was being pushed down our throats Brian Gerrish at the UK Column put out an article noting that the Daily Mail was launching a campaign against plastic bags - totally ignoring the burning issue at that time.

    Last week whilst the eurozone finally forced itself into our media Cameron launches a campaign against - plastic bags.

    Cameron, Rothermere - two sides of the same circle.

  3. So there will be a one-day vote.
    One day!
    One day to throw away Britain's heard earned liberties and hand them over to an unelected or rather self-elected classe privilegee.
    And how many hundreds of years did it take for our forefathers to get themselves free from rule by an unelected self-elected classe privilegee?

  4. AM missed the essential point of plastic.

    It is malleable & easily formed.