Thursday, 6 October 2011


I've just had a bit of an eventful night. At about 5 this morning I performed my first citizen's arrest (sort of) for a crime that was rather bizarre.

Initially I had got out of bed to visit the bathroom. Whilst in there I could hear lots of gravel scraping sounds coming from outside. Thinking that a pesky pigeon was having a bath in my guttering I quietly opened the window, only to see two hooded figures in my neighbour's front garden. They were picking up handfuls of gravel and putting it into a rather large bag that was nearby.

I immediately awoke Mrs TBF (who was not amused) for her to phone Plod and, putting on a dressing gown and trainers, I ventured outside. They didn't see me coming until the last minute where upon they tried to run off. One got away but I managed to trip up the other one and when he fell I promptly sat on him.

Amazingly, the Police response was impressive, two plod cars turned up in under a minute and a half - which is just as well as sitting on a Polish (I think) chap in the middle of the road wearing only a dressing gown at 5 in the morning was getting a tad cold.

Naturally all the commotion and blue flashing lights woke half the street up, who being inquisitive emerged from their homes to see what all the fuss was about, some of whom I never spoken to before - it's one way to meet people I suppose.

So I apprehended a thief, met some neighbours who I haven't spoken to before and got a free beer from my neighbour out of it. Not a bad night's work.

But it still prompts the question, why gravel?


  1. You brave bastard. Nice one!

  2. Thanks Bucko, think it was more instinct than brave - an overwhelming feeling of 'you cheeky gits'.

  3. Well done.

    But shouldn't it have been You cheeky "grits".

  4. Good work - very brave of you Mr Frog!

  5. Thanks Daniel1979, more annoyed than brave. I got gently told off by Plod for doing so - in the manner of 'officially we don't approve but we won't take it any further'

  6. What is it about immigrants that there is such a disproportionate number of them who think nothing of breaking the law in our country.

    Brave effort, you are to be commended.

    If, however, it was legal to own a handgun, I wonder if the perpetrator would have even thought of trying to steal grit, or anything else?

  7. Will the police be charging you with assault?

  8. Nice one, Mr Frog! I do like the phrasing used by the Police: we won't take it any further. You naughty boy, but just this once we will overlook it? For helping a neighbour and apprehending a thief?


  9. @JiC Thanks, agree a gun is a form of deterrent, not sure I would use one against someone stealing gravel though. A 6"3 slightly overweight chap in a dressing gown and white trainers seemed to do the trick.

    @Twig, Nope just had to give an official witness statement in the morning when the Police station opened.

    @Richard Thanks, though given my previous experiences with burglary I wasn't expecting Plod to turn up at all - I would just be left sat on him. So in that respect they did 'marvellous' job.