Thursday, 9 December 2010

Broken Promises

This is a Lib Dem party political broadcast from the last election. A party that would promise absolutely anything, no matter how unachievable or realistic, has now been caught out big style when it has had to deliver. I'm not laughing, no not one bit. I really hope this is the end of the Lib Dems as any kind of political force:

As an aside, for such a pro-climate change party it's interesting that they used the same music as a famous ending of Top Gear's tribute to the car. Marvellous.

hattip for the video: all seeing eye


  1. Slightly unfair TBF, on the FibDems? After all both the FibLabs and the FibCons have a history of broken promises.

    Time for a party that will keep its promises - UKIP!

  2. @WfW Ah but the Fib Dems are the worst of a very poor bunch; they can't even betray their manifesto promises properly - 3 line whip to abstain over Lisbon.

    Besides they're next in the line of fire (election wise) for the party (UKIP) that will keep their promises - one target at a time ;-)

  3. What exactly is this fairness that he chunters about without giving much detail? Gordon Brown also wittered about fairness. Is it possible to be obsessively interested in fairness to the point where it becomes obstructive, like H&S?

    To quote the late Billy Cotton, "Gimme me gun".

    To quote him again, "Wakey WakeHee!".

    To be fair to Clegg, I never saw him or the LibDems as other than light weight opportunists who hoped they'd never be called to deliver, so they could make the most extraordinary claims.

  4. Utube has terminated the video
    Must not tell the truth to the people

  5. @Anon Have linked to another video, and downloaded it for good measure in case it disappears again.