Monday, 27 December 2010

Cameron Is Piling Up The U-Turns

Blimey even Benedict Brogan, supporter of the coalition and part of the Westminster narrative, has noticed that Cameron may...cough...not be all he seems:
Those who have long believed that David Cameron is a PR man whose politics are driven by managerialist opportunism, not principle, will be unsurprised by the latest u-turn announced yesterday.

What’s more interesting though is the pattern of these tactical compromises that is becoming the leitmotif of Mr Cameron’s administration. The issues on which he has trimmed are piling up: school sports, free milk, the Lisbon treaty, repatriation of EU powers, mandatory sentences for knife crime, reversing the hunt ban, packing the ‘22 Committee are the ones that come to mind. Some of it might be put down to the exigencies of Coalition. But others suggest a hair-trigger response to bad headlines: anything that might disrupte the Coalition or undermine puiblic support is to be avoided: go around obstacles, don’t crash against them. Where Tony Blair had no reverse gear, and Lady T was not for turning, Mr Cameron has a full gearbox and power steering that allow him to execute swerves and three point turns.
Cameron is a spineless fraud. What took you so long to work it out Benedict?


  1. "What took you so long to work it out Benedict? "

    Perhaps, like Cameron, he is also a spineless fraud and therefore 'cloned'?

  2. Haha. Merry Christmas you two. And a very Happy New Year.