Monday, 6 December 2010

Stupid Quote Of The Day

I quickly went into town today to catch up on Christmas card purchases. I arrive at the till clutching a fair few:

"Would you like some stamps?" inquires young girl behind till.

"No Thanks" I reply.

Then the young girl spots the much larger card with the words 'to my wife' emblazoned across the front:

"This one is a large letter size, you'll need a large-size stamp. Would you like to buy one?"*

" Er no, the card's for my wife and I live with her, unsurprisingly" I reply.

*Large letter sizes? Yep that'll be the EU


  1. Get some seasonal badges, which say :
    fuck off i'm the customer. And I know best.

  2. She must have a degree in 'Meedja Studies'.