Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tories Vote For More EU Integration

With news as surprising as the wheel is round, Alex Singleton at the Telegraph reports:

David Cameron’s true position on Europe is now clear – he’s an integrationist.

Now clear? Where have you been for the last 5 years? Wakey wakey:
His administration has written to the European Commission asking it to invoke a provision in the Lisbon Treaty called “enhanced cooperation”. This allow groups of EU countries to push forward with speedier integration, without every member taking part, and the Government wants to use it to create a single European patent system.
Well what a surprise, the Tories love more integration, we already know that:

Currently, member states have their own patent offices. These work together as members of a non-EU body, the European Patent Organisation, which helps companies gain patents across 40 countries.

Of course, the European Commission believes that this is terrible – and, with the British Government’s support, wants to grab control of patents. It claims that the status quo hurts European companies because it burdens them with higher costs than those faced by their Japanese and American rivals. But, like so many integrationist arguments, this is feeble.

Of course it's feeble but Tories still want to integrate further. Even Open Europe admits it wants to remain in the EU:

Mats finally admitted that Open Europe does not want the UK to leave the EU

And in summary, Alex Singleton states the obvious:

...What David Cameron’s administration is supporting is yet another poorly-conceived act of European integration – and one which would remove patents from democratic control and place them at the mercy of Brussels legislators and the lobbyists who take them for lunch. David Cameron’s support is unforgivable, and this provides another reminder that, on Europe, the current lot of Tories cannot be trusted.

Of course the Tories can't be trusted but their supporters will still continue to do precisely that, i.e trust them. Oh what is to be done?

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  1. "Oh, what is to be done?"

    I would have thought it was patently obvious, TBF..............